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I stand by PPC marketing

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SSuF Admin

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PostSubject: I stand by PPC marketing   Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:31 pm

Hello everyone,

I fund this section blank and thought that i could share my experience with PPC marketing.

PPC or Pay Per Click marketing, are basically Google ads.

Such ads, allow the advertiser to leverage on the Google's network of people wanting to place ads on their site (including Google itself).

The advertiser chooses his keywords which will activate his ad. He also chooses how much is he willing to pay for one click on the ad.

I find that with PPC ads, you have control of the keywords and the budget. Which is really all you need to control.

Controlling keywords, directs the right kind of traffic to your site. This makes PPC ads a very precise marketing tool.

With Control of budget, you can make sure you don't over spend on marketing. You can make sure you only pay for very effective marketing.

I stand by PPC marketing because I have used it for this site, and it has brought many visitors and members here.
Its Forum Creator here! afro

Hope you all enjoy the forum! Let's learn, contribute and grow, SG entrepreneurs.
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Rising Star

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PostSubject: Re: I stand by PPC marketing   Mon Aug 31, 2009 1:04 am

PPC marketing might fail big time if I am running a chicken rice stall in a food court sevring a localized neighborhood, and using it as a marketing tool..

There is no universal method for every cases..
As such, I do not dare to say that I stand for or stand against any methods..

At the same time, I stand by the idea of getting the roots and core concerns in any sales and marketing issues of any organisations & projects for long term solutions..

Of course those will not be applicable if the organisations are not looking at reaching, retaining and regenerating customers for exchanging and adding values..

PS.. this is a real experience from me when an internet marketeer boost to me about how powerful the internet marketing strategies can do for any kind of businesses..

He mentioned about SEOs, PPCs, FaceBook, Twitter..

I just use the chicken-rice-stall-in-the-foodcourt example on him..
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PostSubject: Re: I stand by PPC marketing   Sat May 12, 2018 6:46 pm

Got everlasting information about keywords from your post. Will discuss with my friend as she is already availing services from Pay Per Click Advertising Management since few months. Quite satisfied with the package and traffic directions got from the amazing response of buyers.
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PostSubject: Re: I stand by PPC marketing   

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I stand by PPC marketing

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