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Some feedback and personal opinion

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Some feedback and personal opinion Vide
PostSubject: Some feedback and personal opinion   Some feedback and personal opinion EmptyThu Jan 19, 2012 4:17 pm

Hi everyone! First, thumbs up for the creator of this forum. Singapore seriously needs such forum badly to educate our youth about entrepreneurship.

I would like to provide some of my opinion and feedback.

1) Consider improving the look & feel. Currently its nice and good, but I feel that it can be better. Color can be adjusted to improve readability. It is important to always try to revamp the site design. Improving the site quality and standard is one way to attract more viewers and appealing look & feel will make them stay.

2) Try Facebook advertising. Facebook ability to pinpoint the preferred target audience really helps a lot. Just have to launch a short campaign within budget and see if it helps.

3) How about introducing a "Talk about anything under the sun" thread? I know it will be off-topic but that is usually how forums bring in traffic.

4) Not sure if it is possible at all: "collaborate" with blogs like SGEntrepreneur or Penn-Oslon. Seek their permission to re-post or link their articles here. It may help to generate more contents for this forum and also the community have more things to talk about.

Its not easy to maintain a forum, so keep up the good work!
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Some feedback and personal opinion

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